The Ultimate Glock Accessories Set

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The The Ultimate Glock The Ultimate Glock Set fits the following Glocks:



Model 17 (fullsize) fits Glock: 17, 20, 21, 22, 31, 35, 37,


Model 19 (compact) fits Glock: 19, 23, 32, 38


Does not fit G4 models.


The Ultimate Glock Set consists of:


Shoulder Straps Elastic Harness Sling Or Bungee Sling

Tactical Folding Foregrip

Tactical stock for Glock

Fobus Tactical Holster for Glock

Fobus double magazine pouch for Glock



The Ultimate Glock Set highlights the following characteristics:


Durable, lightweight & easy to carry


Fast deployment of weapon

Highly concealable

Enhances accuracy


Favoured by undercover guards and security personnel


Reinforced polymer composite construction


US citizens : If you own a Glock handgun, and you are about to buy this product, your handgun will become a Short-Barreled Rifle .
You must register your weapon with ATF. You can download an ATF1 form here.


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