Tavor 1on1 Shooting Course - Nashville, TN, USA May 21-22 (2017)

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Catalog No' : TAR-1ON1-NASH-MAY-2017
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About the course:


Take your Tavor shooting to the next level!
These courses are being offered to Tavor shooters all across Canada and the US! We're bringing back IDF instructor Lovie to the USA to put you and your rifle through the paces. This extensive course comes from years of teaching bullpups and focuses exclusively on the TAR-21 platform. It is structured to build your existing capabilities, develop new ones, and challenge your rifle skills.

About the instructor Lovie Malespin:


Lovie is a former shooting instructor in the IDF. During her time in the IDF (2011-2013) Lovie thought various infantry units the Tavor TAR 21, X95, M4, Negev and FN Mag machine gun. Since leaving the IDF Lovie has done over 10 Tavor courses in the USA and Canada. She has been certified by Israeli Weapons Industries as a basic armor for the Tavor and X95 platform. Apart for representing Zahal Lovie is a fitness instructor in Israel.  




Dates: 21st - 22nd of May, 2017


Elk River Training Center

4626 SR 50
Pelham, TN 37366



Recommended Accommodation close to the range:

Jim Oliver's Smoke HouseLINK TO HOTEL (About 25 minutes from the range)
850 West Main Street
Monteagle, TN 37356
Tel. (800) 489-2091
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Manchester - LINK TO HOTEL (About 10-15 minutes from the range)
111 Hospitality Blvd
Manchester TN 37355
Tel. 1-844-663-2269

Nashville tennessee tavor course

 What You Need to Bring:

  • Your rifle! All optics are encouraged, but please have your rifle zeroed before you hit the range! We suggest a 100m zero.
  • Minimum 4 Magazines. 
  • A method to carry those magazines. Belt, chest rig, pants pocket, whatever you want to use!
  • A sling. We won't be doing pistol transitions, this is a rifle specific course, but there are still scenarios that require your firearm to be slung.
  • 800 rounds of ammunition. You wouldn't be out of line bringing more!
  • Eye and ear protection. Of course.
  • Water! Your body needs it! See the note at the end about PT.
  • A personal first aid kit if you are first aid certified. Always better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

What We'll Cover:

  • History and Design of the Tavor: Why Did the IDF Need a New Rifle?
  • Core IDF Drills and Stoppages
  • Long Range Engagements
  • Movement, Transition, and Manipulation Exercises
  • Shooting Under Stress
  • Modifying & Updating the Tavor
  • FREE course T-Shirt (► see size chart ◄)

Course Structure:

  • Day 1 Morning:  classroom time, rifle maintenance, 1 on 1 consultation
  • Day 1 Morning: dry-fire and PT
  • Day 1 Afternoon: live-fire
  • Day 1 Evening: dinner
  • Day 2 Morning: dry-fire and PT
  • Day 2 Afternoon: live-fire and goodies
A note on physical exertion: We realize this is not a military course anymore, but its origins are still built around IDF basic training. There will be some light physical activity with this course! However, we don't want anyone to injure themselves, and at the end of the day you're paying us for instruction. Our goal is not to cause discomfort, and we encourage everyone to take breathers as necessary.


About Lovie:



Lovie in action:


Lovie shooting tavor tar 21 Lovie shooting kpos tar 21 Lovie shooting beretta tar 21 Lovie shooting tavor tar 21


Nashville tennessee tavor 1on1 shooting course

Cancellation Policy


If for any reason you cannot attend the course after booking a please and you want to cancel please let us know more than 7 days before the course starts:


  • If you have a replacement for you and you cancel less than 7 days before the course begins then no cancellation fees will be taken and you can cancel at any time
  • If you don't have a replacement and you cancel less than 7 days before the course begins the cancellation fee will be 50% of the course's total cost.