Israeli Navy Submarine Tanin lapel pin

Catalog No' : SU81
Two Israeli submarines beared the name INS Tanin. The first Tanin was the first Israeli submarine and was purchased from the Royal navy in 1958. The Tanin arrived at Haifa, her new home port in December 1959 under the command of LTC Yosale Dror. It was a S class submarine and served in the Israeli navy until 1968. The Tanin received the red ribbon for the Alexandria raid during the 1967 Six Days War, under the command of LTC Abraham (Ivan) Dror. The second Tanin a Gal Class submarine. The 2nd tanin was commissioned in the 1975 and arrived at her home port, Haifa  in 1976. It served in the Israeli navy for almost 25 years and was decommissined in 2001.
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