Marom Dolphin Special Forces Tactical Vest - TV7711

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The Marom-Dolphin Special Forces Tactical Vest is specifically designed to meet the needs of the IDF in the 21st century, it can be used in urban, woodland and desert conditions. Constantly improved after the Second Lebanon War this is the most battle tested product we can offer.


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1. Shoulder Straps - 

On each shoulder 

there is an adjustable 

velcro + size adjuster 

for you to self 

customize the high

of your vest.

2. Knife Pocket - 

15X3cm cell designed 

for a tactical knife.

3. Medical Cell - 

7X10X5cm cell for 

medical equipment.

4. D Ring - D ring for 

accessory attachment.

5. Small Cell - 4X 

5X9X5cm Cells for 

survival accessories.

6. Back Straps - 2X

40cm long straps with 

an inner long 

25X5X7cm cell for 


7. Back Bottom Cell - 

25X17X9cm pouch for 

hydration bladder 

(not included).

8. Waist Adjusters - 6X 

side adjustable straps to 

adjust girth for a 

perfect fit.

9. Mag. Cell - 5X 

5X6.5X15X7cm triple 

Mag. Pouches.

10. Close Buckles - 

High quality Velcro 

closures and 2X 

quick release Buckles.

11. Map Pockets -

10X6.5cm transparent 

double map pocket.

12. Side Long Cells - 

4X 12X3X4 cells for 

single pistol mag. / 

pencil flares/ light stick /

pens etc.

13. Helmet Holder - 

New improvement 

pouch for carrying 

helmet at the back 

of the vest.

14. Radio Pouch -

24X12X22cm pouch for 

heavy cargo with 

internal pouch that holds 

complete radio system 

or first aid.



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