Source Kangaroo Collapsible Canteen

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Modular Hydration system that doubles as a collapsible canteen.


Kangaroo Collapsible Canteen 1L
Modular pouch canteen/hydration system offers carrying options, works where back mounted systems often do not.
Exclusive 3 layer coextruded Polyethylene construction with taste-free, maintenance-free Glass-Like™ liner.
Integrated Grunge-Guard™ antimicrobial. SQC™ quick connect hose for one-click conversion to hydration system.
IRR Weave covered tube.
2 drinking valves: push/pull sport valve with integrated twist shut off;
Storm "no bite" hydration valve with integrated twist shut off delivers 25% higher flow than bite designs.
Dirt Shield™ valve cover.
Fits standard issue canteen pouches plus custom pouches from many manufacturers.
Free-standing when full, folds flat when empty.