SA VZ-58 Receiver Side Rail

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The receiver side rail is manufactured in the Czech Republic and is attached to the receiver by two screws (two screws provided with rail). No template or drawings are provided with the side rail as it is not needed for installation. The side rail is pushed to the top of the receiver and is centered over the visible trigger pin. The receiver must be drilled and tappedWe cannot guarantee a "drop-in" fit on rifles, or receivers, not manufactured by Czech Small Arms. GUNSMITHING IS REQUIRED.

Instructions on how to mount the side rail

Center the side rail over the trigger pin (trigger pin in the receiver) using the cut-out in the side rail. Then push the side rail upwards (in the direction of the receiver cover). Using a drill press, center the drill bit in each hole of the side rail and drill into the receiver. The side rail will act as a guide to position your drill bit.


Additional info:

- drill bit size: 4.2mm diamter
- tap size: M5
- the hole closest to the barrel should be drilled to an approximate depth of 9.0mm (short screw is used in this hole)
- the hole closest to the buttstock will be completely drilled through the receiver wall (long screw is used in this hole)
- after tapping holes, use degreaser and secure side rail in place using high strength thread-locker on the two screws.


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