Recover Tactical HC11 Holster for 1911 w/ Kryptek Typhon Button

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This Holster comes in black with a Kryptek Typhon button as pictured 


The Recover HC11 holster is designed to hold any 1911 that uses the Recover CC3H grip and rail system. The holster allows for a natural draw, and is compatible with most pistol rail mounted accessories on the market.


IMPORTANT: The HC11 holster will only work if your 1911 that has our updated Recover CC3H grip and rail system installed. Read more below...





  • Patent pending Frame Locking System with universal railed accessories.
  • Currently available for standard size 1911s that use a Recover CC3H grip and rail system.
  • Available in Active or Passive Lock.
  • Available for right-hand or left-hand draw
  • Warranty - 36 Months Free Exchange with proof of purchase

Important Note:


The HC11 holster will only work with our upgraded CC3H grips. It will not work with our older CC3 grips.


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