Recoil Reduction System for Sig-Sauer

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Catalog No' : DPM-SIG
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Fits: Sig Sauer P220,  P228-229, SP 2022, P 226, P239, P245, Sig Sauer P210, P226 Standered, P320 compact \ full size & X Five


  • Significant recoil reduction


  • Better control and greater accuracy


  • Slide Protection


  • Improved Firing Speed


  • Elimination of jams


  • Faster follow up shots


  • It takes seconds to install


  • System replaces the stock recoil rod and spring.


  • Made of stainless steel and high carbon steel (spring)




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1. Nat of Axle.


2. Spring of cylinder's compaction.


3. External spring.


4. Cylinder's diaphragm

5. Internal axle. 

6. Spring under zero compression

7. Cylinder's set screw