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The Paratroopers Brigade, also known as the 35th Brigade, is a unit of paratroopers within the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and forms a major part of the Infantry Corps. It has a history of carrying out special forces-style missions dating back to the 1950s.

Service in the Paratroopers is voluntary and requires passing an intense two day tryout. Each year the brigade receives five times more applicants than it can accept. The 7 1⁄2-month arduous training of the Paratroopers includes fitness training, harsh combat skills, specializing in a wide range of weapons, field craft, long marches with weight, weeks of survival training including navigation and camouflage, helicopter training, jump training, collaboration with other units, and urban warfare. All training reflects the role that the fighters will perform in operations and wartime.

Paratrooper Brigade soldiers wear red berets with the infantry pin, and wear red shoes. Distinct from all other soldiers of the IDF, Paratroopers wear a tunic and belt over the shirt.

The IDF has three reservist paratrooper brigades at any given time, consisting of personnel who served their mandatory service in the brigade, and who are mostly relatively recently released (aside from officers). These are most likely the most highly trained reservist brigades in the IDF.


The 35th (Paratrooper) Brigade consists of three regular battalions, each bearing the name of a venomous snake. The 101st, bearing the number of disbanded Unit 101, is the Brigade's first battalion. The 202nd is the Brigade's second battalion and was numbered to keep it in line with the 101st. The 890th, although the brigade's 3rd battalion, was in fact the IDF's first paratrooper battalion. A Sayeret (Recon/Special Forces Company) designated "Sayeret Tzanhanim" is directly subordinate to the brigade headquarters.

Soldiers of the Paratroopers Brigade are distinguished by their red beret, paratrooper wings, reddish-brown leather boots and the paratroopers tunic, which is slightly different in an appearance from the regular infantry outfits.



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