Orpaz Wide Nylon Heavy Duty Belt w/ Double Secure Buckle

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Deal Includes:

1. Lightweight 2" Nylon Duty Belt w/ Durable Buckle
2. Score Card Book / Binocular Webbing Holder

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In additional money:

  • Polymer Thumb Release Holster w/ belt attachment
  • Polymer Double Stack Magazine Pouch w/ belt attachment
  • Nylon Handcuffs Pouch w/ paddle attachment
  • Nylon Pouch for Tear gas\Pepper spray pouch\ Stun grenade w/ paddle attachment
  • Nylon Pouch for Phone or other item w/ paddle attachment


NOTE: The thumb release holsters are available for right hand only


About the 2" Tactical Duty Belt

Orpaz Defense Duty Belt is lightweight, high-quality ballistic nylon construction keeps your valuable gear protected. Nylon trim around edges increases comfort and reduces wear. Molded foam interiors ensure that your gear is secure but easy to remove.

Orpaz Defense Duty Belt features skived ends to allow a lower profile around buckle. It comprises a ballistic weave exterior and hook lining. 2" (50 mm) belt width. The "Rock Lockster" buckle provides extra security from inadvertent release. To open, depress the center button simultaneously with the buttons on the two sides. Six sizes fit 24" - 56" (61 cm - 142 cm) waists. 
The Buckle Made of Polyoxymethylene (POM), also known as acetal, polyacetal, and polyformaldehyde, is an engineering thermoplastic used in precision parts that require high stiffness, low friction and excellent dimensional stability.


  • Tested under hard conditions
  • Ballistic nylon construction
  • Nylon trim around edges
  • Molded foam interior
  • 295 gr lightweight belt
  • Durable "Rock Lockster" buckle
  • Quick-release buckle
  • Easy to adjust for maximum comfort


  • Law enforcement, security , military ,police
  • Tactical shooters
  • Extreme sports, hiking, climbing, camping, drift, fishing, skating,traveling


About the Holster

Orpaz’s new thumb release holster is brand new addition to the market. Developed by IDF combat veterans, its innovation is as a level 2 retention holster that provides the carrier instant access to the weapon coupled with the additional safety provided by the thumb release mechanism. The release of the weapon is through a natural draw motion that is both quick and smooth. During re-holstering the trigger guard connects with the holster which firmly secures your weapon. For the comfort and preference of the carrier the holster can be rotated to different angles. It also features an innovative combination low-ride/belt attachment as well as a molle, drop-leg that connects with the low-ride, and belt-only attachments. 


  • Active Retention
  • Tested under hard conditions
  • Lightweight holster
  • Low profile holster
  • Has a adjustable screw for highly customizable
  • Made of durable hard polymer
  • A unique allen key spot in the back of the holster


About the Polymer Double Magazine Pouch

Orpaz’s passive retention magazine pouch is a tactical update of previous magazine pouches. It combines a smooth draw with a firm but accessible grip around the magazine. This enables carriers to freely move without having to worry about the magazines slipping out while making providing them with unhindered access to the magazine when reloading the weapon.


  • Tested under hard conditions
  • Lightweight magazine pouch
  • Low profile mag pouch
  • Has a adjustable screw for highly customizable
  • Made of durable hard polymer


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