Orpaz Defense Roto Holster for Jericho 941 Baby Eagle (Polymer Frame)

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Orpaz holsters are an Israeli innovation in retention holsters.  Its design was developed by IDF combat veterans to meet the demands of the toughest militaries and security services.  Its innovation lies in its technology and design.  The material for this holster is a produced through a state of the art injection-molding with space-age high density plastics that cannot be rivaled by any other material. For the comfort and preference of the carrier the holster can be rotated to different angles.  It also features an innovative combination low-ride/belt attachment as well as a molle, drop-leg that connects with the low-ride, and belt-only attachments.


*This product will not fit the Baby Eagle III mad by Bul Ltd for Magnum Research




  • Tested under hard conditions
  • Lightweight holster
  • Low profile holster
  • Has a adjustable screw for highly customizable
  • Made of durable hard polymer
  • A unique allen key spot in the back of the holster


  • Jericho 941/Baby Eagle (Polymer Frame) 9mm \ .40 cal