Manticore Arms Tavor Curved Buttpad

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The Tavor Curved Buttpad solves the length of pull and shouldering issues many people have with the existing Tavor rifle and buttpad.

Manufacutred from 6061 T6 aluminum and a specially chosen chemically resistant polymer with just a bit of "give" to it, the Tavor Curved Buttapd reduces the length of pull by almost an inch, and allows you to easily roll and lock the gun right into the shoulder pocket.  Ribbing on the back and the texture of the polymer guarantee the gun will not slip around in the shoulder pocket once mounted.

In addition, the special curved shape reduces the length of pull while keeping the overall length of the weapon the same as with the existing buttpad, which means that the gun stays just over 26" and there are no NFA issues!

The Tavor Curved Buttpad is manufactured 100% in the USA and is marked "MA USA" on the interior to denote it as such.


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