Krav Maga DVD Women Self Defense

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ZAHAL is an Official distributor of the Israeli Krav Maga Federation


IKMF's Women's self defense DVD is the work of many , led by IKMF Chairman Avi Moyal.
The film was shot in the U.S. and in Israel, and captures typical scenes of women during attacks.
Each sceneis accompanied bystep by stepexplanation,demonstrating howto defend againsteach attack.
The film is designated for women who want to learn relevant self defense techniques for their protection in everyday situations, as well as for Krav Maga and martial arts practitioners who wish to enrich their knowledge in this field.
All sections documented in this movie are based on real cases. These were studied by Krav Maga experts and defenses were developed appropriately.
Every technique demonstrated in the film has been tested and implemented successfully.
Numerous women owe Krav Maga their mental and physical well being.
The film was shot in English, techniques are facilitated by IKMF chairman, head instructor & Master Avi Moyal and by GIT Shlomi Moyal, head of IKMF's women's self defense division.