ESP - Hardened Collapsible Baton

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Comes with baton holder 


The hardened ESP 3-part expandable baton serves for a quick self-defense in any conflict situations. It is suited equally for security enterprise, watchmen and private individuals for personal protection, as well as for professional application suitably.


Before purchasing, please check the legal restrictions of this product in your country.


Comes with an anti-slip handle with indented – rough surface of the type "H". The Handle decreases any possibility of the baton being yanked from the hand and gives the user a comfortable certitude) The batons are highly resistant to a flexion if the baton is exposed to a hard stroke. They meet the requirements of the German standard for expandable batons and are intended for professional use by police and other authorities. Surface finish is black nickel-zinc (with good resistance to abrasion).

All expandable batons can come with a matching plastic holder which can be attached to the belt or tactical vest. Each ESP baton can be modified with various accessories (punches, crowbars, flashlights, etc.)



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