Flashlight Add-On for ESP Collapsible Baton

Catalog No' : BL-02
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The flashlight is determined for use in the security and police force sector, namely in combination with the ESP telescopic baton, with which it forms a highly practical and useful set for operating and self-defence purposes. The flashlight can be used also separately as a stand-alone device. Its properties, well above standard, and the high level of serviceability predestine it for regular daily wear and various other uses (e.g. outdoor activities, such as tourism, climbing, water sports, but also rescue activities, etc.). The ESP flashlight can thus be with you at anytime when you need a highly resistant and reliable high-quality light. Leading experts from the security sector, as well as from official defence forces of the Czech Republic participated in development of this top-quality product. The ESP flashlight was therefore developed in close collaboration with those, to whom it should serve in the first place for their demanding and dangerous work. This collaboration resulted in the product, which meets the most stringent.

  • High luminous intensity thanks to 3 LED diodes
  • Locking of end position (ON -OFF)
  • Duration of lighting up to 60 hours for the type BL-02
  • Power supply: 
    2 pcs for the type BL-02
  • Service life of LED diodes is 100 000 hours
  • Waterproof duralumin body
  • Frontal glass made of polycarbonate


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