Grenade Launcher Combatant Vest

Catalog No' : TV7714
Price: $239.00
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All tactical vests of Marom-Dolphin are designed for heavy load carrying and quick draw of all equipment.
The functional and ergonomic design allows for load bearing, maximal mobility and combat readiness at all times.
The TV7714 is a grenade launcher combatant vest designed to carry grenades and hydration system, enabling quick draw.


  • 2 front lower pouches hold 3 rifle mags (M16/AK 47/Galil) per pouch-(total of 12 rifle mags).
  • 3 single pistol mag pouches 1 on each side of rifle mag pouches.
  • 3 front upper pouches holds grenades -flares-radio.
  • 16 grenades pouches.
  • 1 front left pouch holds flashlight.
  • Top rear pouch with internal pouch holds complete radio system or first aid or other gear. Passage for communication device wires, antenna or water vessel.
  • 2 rear pouchs hold water canteens (not included).
  • Lower rear pouch, holds rope-gear.
  • Padded adjustable shoulders for perfect height.
  • High quality velcro closures and quick release snaps.
  • Side adjustable straps to adjust girth for a perfect fit.