Golani watch

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Be advised the watch does not come with the Digital display featured in the photo.  


This Golani watch is given to graduates of the Golani brigade. Golani is Israel's 1st infantry brigade and the most popular unit of the IDF.

The watch shows the symbol of the brigade, a green olive tree and the words : Golani Sheli - My Golani.

Official supplier of the IDF and IAF. Most combat units such as Golani, Naval Commandos, Air Force, Submarines, Paratroops order their "graduate watch" at ADI. After long negotiations, ADI watches agreed to let us sell this special editions of diver's watch with the logos of the IDF, Air Force, Paratroops and Golani.


Stainless steel Divers Watch Water Resistant, 200 ATM
Digital - Hour, Minute, Second Calendar, Alarm, Hourly chime
Stopwatch Metal matt finish
Heavy duty rubber band Luminescent hands and markers
Rotating outer dial Lamp illumination
Attractive aluminum case Swiss Technology

The watch measures up to the highest standards of excellence. Assembled and produced in Israel at Kvutzat Yavne, they incorporate Swiss Technology and guarantee precision. They feature a silent Swiss quartz movement, are water-resistant, shockproof and repairable. This is not a cheaply imitated watch made in Asia.
The watch comes with a one-year guarantee.