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Kit includes TacticSkin x1 + Glock Magazine Floorplate x2


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The Tactic Skin Slide Cover is a Revolutionary Upgrade for Your Glock Handgun Providing You with Enhanced Tactical Performance and Versatility.  


  • Provides Improved Back Cocking Serrations for Improved Tactical Grip
  • Made of High-Grade Non-Slip Polymer Composite
  • Ideal for Use in Humid Climate & Sweaty Palms Conditions
  • Adds Front Cocking Serrations to Your Handgun for Various Cocking Methods
  • Allows Proper Heat Dissipation
  • Available in Five Colors – Can Be Used for Personnel Identification
  • Manually Installed – No Gunsmith Required


  • GLOCK; 17 / 19
  • Fits Use With GLOCK 21 Holsters
  • NOTICE: Cannot Be Used With "C" Models! Will only fit large frame holster such as Glock 21. 
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The IMI Defense Rubberized Glock Pistol Magazine Floorplate - PFP02 is a replacement pistol magazine base for different types of magazines.This multipurpose product protects the magazine base from bending when dropped and protects skin and clothes from sharp edges on the standard mags.The PFP02 is available in different colors so you can color code your magazines,The additional grip area and rubber texture provides enhanced ergonomics for faster reload.Made to the IMI Defense high quality standards, the PFP02 is a great example of a both tactical and practical product for duty, competition, home defense and EDC.



Glock 17/19/22/23/25/26/27/28/31/32 (fits also Gen.4)

Assembly Instructions:

  1. Unload the magazine
  2. Remove old floor plate by prising one of the plastic nubs with a flat head screwdriver to allow the plate to pop off
  3. Press spring and original locking plate into the magazine and slide the    PFP02 on the rails until the locking plate clicks in the hole.
  4. Make sure the floor plate is locked in position.
  5. To disassemble see #2

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