Front-Line 5 Way Shoulder Holster for Jericho 941/Baby Eagle

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This holster is specially designed for the Jericho 941/ Baby Eagle.


This holster is all about choices and gives you all the options you need.
this versatile model can be carried in 5 different ways: As an horizontal shoulder holster , as a belt holster, inside the  waistband holster, cross-draw holster and a small-of-the-back holster. It is a Thumb-break molded design, fits perfectly to your own gun.


Does not fit  .45 ACP caliber models.


Please see the Chart below for Jericho/Baby Eagle models Compatible with this holster:


Frame Size Overall length Caliber
Polymer Frame (FL/RL) Full Size 207 mm (8.1 in) 9mm, 40S&W
Polymer Frame (FSL/RSL) Semi-Compact 192 mm (7.6 in) 9mm, 40S&W
Steel Frame (FS/RS) Semi-Compact 184 mm (7.2 in) 9mm, 40 S&W,
Steel Frame with accessory rail (FS/RS) Semi-Compact 184 mm (7.2 in) 9mm, 40 S&W,