Fobus Holster Rotating + Transparent Thumb Release Retention for H&K USP

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The H&K USP Compact. Comes with a black cover at the back. Does not come transparent. 


The new FOBUS thumb release holster is now available. This unique level 2 retention holster gives the carrier instant access to the handgun, together with the extra security provided by the thumb release lever mechanism. The handgun is released during natural draw stroke with a smooth and quick motion. When re-holstering the holster connects with the trigger guard area, assuring you’re gun is secured. The holster also features Fobus Rotation Mechanism and interchangeable Paddle, and Belt fit. 


About the unique Rotation Mechanism: 

The unique Roto-Holsters rotates 360 degrees and can be adjusted easily for cross-draw, bodyguard or driver. This locking adjustment allows the firearm either a forward or rearward cant.  For easy adjustment a convenient Alan key is supplied.

Whatever customization you choose all Fobus holsters come with the following characteristics:


  • Constructed for maximum comfort
  • Tension adjustment screw
  • One-piece holster body construction
  • Low profile and easy to conceal
  • Durable, hardwearing & lightweight polymer construction
  • State-of-the-art ergonomic design
  • 100% Lifetime guarantee
  • Light weight - approx. 2 oz /60g
  • Firearms remain firmly in holster
  • Protective sight channel