FAB Defense SCORPUS M24 Slim Fit Level 2 Paddle Holster for Glock 17/19/22

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The M24 is a new holster configuration.
The M24 was first developed for a special LE agency in Israel that requested a holster that will enable comfortable drawing of the handgun from the strong side while being seated; and a slimmer design that will be positioned closer to the body.
The model that was created was M24.



The M24 model features the following benefits:



  • Fixed 24 degree Cant that enables comfortable drawing of the weapon while being seated and while standing
  • Fixed belt adapter enables a slimmer design, placing the gun closer to the body
  • Supports a new, wider belt loop design for easy threading, fits belt sizes- 33-58 mm(1.2”-2.2”)
  • Available in both Scorpus™ Level 1 or Scorpus™ Level 2 configurations
  • Holster supplied with a non-interchangeable belt adapter configuration, a Paddle or Belt Loop
  • Currently available for Right Hand configuration only





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