D-Force Tactical Spirit Vz-58 Folding Butt Stock

Catalog No' : DF-VZFS
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Designed specifically for the legendary SA58 and its clones! It features an extremely rigid, yet lightweight design, unique design and ease of use!





  • Very sturdy and rigid, yet lightweight stock.
  • Durable and reliable locking system. Unlocking one button comfortable.
  • Geometry butt in the axis of the barrel!
  • The length in the extended state of 250 mm, which is more than the original folding stock (235 mm).
  • Weight: 454 g An amazing short version (individual extension)!
  • The stock never exceeds sideways (with the exception of small parts of the joint and the belt loops). Its width is nowhere greater than the width of the arms!
  • On the mounting bar is integrated into the massive hanger strap.
  • In folded state, the butt lightly fixed to allow rapid ejection without further manipulation.


 Weight   Length  Material Surface
454gr 250mm A combination of steel and resistant dural 70xx, fully CNC milled (no casts!) Black finish (anodized)