Collapsible Butt Stock Tube w/ Shock Absorber for AK 47 (Polymer Version)

Catalog No' : SBT-K47
Price: $65.00
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fits almost any stamped receiver AK-47. The stocks fit Century Arms WASR, Bulgarian, Chinese Norinco MAK-90, Russian, etc... They DO NOT fit - Yugo AK's, unconverted Saiga shotguns/ rifles.


  • Recoil reducing ak47 buffer tube, converts your AK47/74 OEM stock to M16/M4 collapsible stock.
  • Fits AK47 stamped receivers
  • No gun smiting required
  • Construct from reinforced polymer
  • Light weight
  • Bolt on design for Easy fit, self adjustable to any stamped receiver, no drilling or carving required
  • Buffer end expends inside the receiver when bolts are secure and eliminates any lose and rattling
  • Super rugged design
  • 8 positions holes for best fit of the stock to your battle stanch
  • Recoil reducing buffer, will improve accuracy and "targets in sights" under rapid fire rates


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