Black Snow Half Skull Silver Zippo

Catalog No' : BS-ZIP-HS-SLV
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Nati Amor (the owner and artist of Black Snow Customs) has been doing amazing jewelry for his entire life and recently has changed his style to one of his biggest loves in life, skulls! Since he started making his skull like jewelry (rings, bracelets, knife beads and Zippos) he has gained fans all over the world and people wait months for some of his products to be released. Nati Amor is a Jeweler, based in Tel-Aviv and specializes in wax sculpting for original jewelry.


The silver half skull Zippo is one of a kind and a must for any collector because it's a custom designed my Nati Amor - handmade by Black Snow.




Lighter: Original Zippo (Made in USA)


Height (Skull): 25mm / 0.984"

Length (Skull): 18mm / 0.708"

Overall Width (Zippo & Skull): 22mm / 0.866"