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"The Book that may indeed save your life – or the life of a loved one."

Roy Huntigton, Editor - American Handgunner Magazine


“There has long been a need for a truly comprehensive book about shooting handguns. Art of the Handgun, an illustrated Guide to Self-Defense and Combat Shooting, is somewhat surprisingly, even much more than that.

Covering everything from handgun selection – and then virtually everything in between - Art of the Handgun takes you by the hand and walks you through the often-confusing world of handguns and their use for self defense, doing this through an original design concept and very high quality printing process.


Firearm selection, shooting techniques, safe gun-handling, ammunition selection, basic and advanced tactics and training tips, cleaning, care and maintenance as well as carefully planned and evaluated shooting exercises and all covered in detail.

The topics are clearly and fully illustrated with photos from the award-wining authors, and show the care and detail that went into creating this very special and important guide book.


The surprise is the fact you’ll feel as if you are learning from friends. Authors Joseph (Kuti) Yekutiel and Dr. David Darom speak in a plain voice, one that assures and educates without “preaching” from a platform.

Art of the Handgun is a significant work, not simply because of its quality, but because what you learn here may indeed save your life – or the life of s loved one.”


from the Contents :

  • Handguns - a Brief History
  • Safety Saves Life
  • Know your handgun
  • Principles of handgun shooting
  • Field Stripping and cleaning
  • First shooting exercises
  • Handgun ammunition
  • Principles of ballistics
  • Advanced shooting exercises
  • Carrying the handgun
  • Drawing the handgun
  • Drawing and firing exercises
  • Advanced shooting tactics
  • Shooting after moving exercises
  • Malfunctions
  • Selected handguns

 216 fully illustrated pages