Manticore Arms ARClight Tan Aluminium Handguards/Forend for Tavor

Catalog No' : MA-5400 TAN
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Fully loaded version comes with rails - x1 - 5 slot and x1- 12 slot length + internal light mounting system


The Manticore Arms ARClight Tavor Forend is the first of a revolutionary line of rail systems using the ARClight modular rail configuration!

Made 100% in the USA of anodized aluminum and weighing just 4.0 ounces, the ARClight Tavor rail is a direct replacement for the standard Tavor polymer forend. Yes, you read that right- only 4.0 ounces, which is less than 2.0 ounces more than the stock handguard, but giving you far more flexibility to mount accessories wherever and whenever you need them.




  • Made in USA.
  • Made out of lightweight anodized aluminium.
  • Same size as the original Tavor handguard.
  • Made of completely monolithic construction.
  • Allows for mounting of a standard 1" flashlight. 


About ARClight System:


ARClight stands for Advanced Rail Chasis- lightweight.

The ARClight system has been specially developed over the last year to combine the features of light weight, structural rigidity, good ventilation, and ergonomic comfort all into a single rail system. The ARClight slot system allows for the use of our ARC LOK lugged aluminum rails. ARC LOK rails have a lug on the back that engages the slot, which means you aren't just depending on the tightness of a screw to take all the loading and force on the rail, but that the rail becomes an integral part of the rail chassis, thus preventing it from slipping or shifting even under the heaviest of loads or sharpest of blows.

So are you stuck using just the ARClight rails, yet another proprietary rail system that you can't use any other accessories on? NO! We recognized that there are a lot of great accessories and rails out there, and we can't make everything. Part of the development process of the ARClight was to make sure that the well known Magpul MOE polymer rails segments and most of the Impact Weapon Components Mount-n-Slot accessories would fit the ARClight system. Yeah, we like them so much we made our rail compatible with them!

(Please note: If you are using the ARClight chassis to mount lasers or other items that need to retain zero, you should use only the ARC LOK lugged aluminum rails and not polymer or aftermarket rail segments.)