AR SOC™ Punisher Merc AR Style Magazine Cover/Wrap

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AR Socs fit 30rd steel/aluminum USGI and Polymer magazines including P-Mags.  They will also fit larger capacity polymer magazines just will not fit flush with the magwell.
In addition to the custom look our Mag Socs™ feel great! They enhance your grip and control of the magazine and you wont mix them up with your buddy's mags at the range.






  • AR Socs improve grip and control of your magazines because of the grippy laminate we put on each side. In low light scenarios mag changes are quick and precise and if you drop a mag theres no question without looking at your magazine which end goes in the rifle
  • AR Socs are fully customizable. Any image or logo is possible. You are looking at the most customizable AR15 add on ever. Make your rifle reflect who you are!
  • The products are all handmade in the USA to the highest quality standards.






AR Socs tightly fit the bottom half of all 30rd AR15 style magazines. When installing your AR take it slow. Use Sprayway or any other ammonia free foaming glass cleaner to make installation easier if necessary. Once in place AR Socs may be loose for about 15-20 minutes but will expand to fit securely after a short time. You can uninstall and reinstall your AR and AK Soc if you wish. They are made from the highest grade neoprene material available. We researched every possible material that goes into our Socs to ensure the best possible product results. We hope you like your AR Socs and many more sizes and variations are in the works. Check back with us frequently for new designs and visit us on the web if you need Custom Socs.





  • All standard steel/aluminum AR-15/M4/M-16 magazines (.223/5.56)
  • Magpul PMAG or any other brand with 30rd polymer mags (.223/5.56)
  • GI Steel Magazine (.223/5.56)