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The Vz. 58 was designed and manufactured in Czechoslovakia, originally during the late 1950s.  A cursory inspection of this weapon may lead to the conclusion that it is the more famous AK-47 Russian model, but other than both being assault rifles, they are very different weapons.  The Vz. 58 was intended to be an upgrade from the similar Vz. 52, which was a self loading rifle that was less effective in battle conditions.

Jiri Cermak, a Czech national, was the chief designer and engineer during the modeling and production phases of this assault rifle.  The Vz. 58 was intended to be an infantry weapon for the armed forces of Czechoslovakia, and was eventually introduced into armed forces circulation in Cuba, Africa, and Asia.  There are three main variations of this assault rifle:  the standard and most widely distributed model, the “airborne” model which featured a metal stock that folded to the side, and an infrared version which that included a night sight.


Unlike its predecessor, the Vz. 52, this assault rifle is a gas fired weapon.  Expanding combustion gas pressure is exerted on the head of a short stroke piston as part of the process of firing the weapon.  This assault rifle has several interesting features and accessories.  Some of the equipment that is supplied with the Vz. 58 is four extra magazines each with the capacity for thirty rounds, a sling, a bayonet and scabbard, cleaning brush, muzzle cap, and front sight adjustment tool.  In addition, as a safety against accidental firing, the Vz. 58 has a lever type fire mode selector.


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Vz58 Optic Mount Systems

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Type – Assault rifle
Country of Origin - Czechoslovakia
Manufactured – 1959 to 1984
Number produced – Almost one million
Weight – 6.4 pounds
Standard length – 33.3 inches
Stock folded length – 25 inches
Fixed bayonet length – 39.4 inches
Barrel length – 15.4 inches
Stock extended width – 2.2 inches
Stock folded width – 2.8 inches
Height – 10 inches
Cartridge – 7.62x39mm M43
Action type – Gas operated breechblock
Maximum shooting range – 2,800 meters
Muzzle velocity – 2,300 feet per second
Feed system – Thirty round detachable box magazine

Sight system – Open iron sights with shrouded front post and sliding rear tangent

     VZ-58/CZ-858 Accessories


VZ-58/CZ-858 parts

VZ-58/CZ-858 Accessories

VZ-58/CZ-858 Accessories

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