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SIG Sauer, formerly known as SIGARMS, is the company that represents the United States for Swiss Arms AG, a Swiss and German weapons manufacturing company.  They are primarily responsible for importing and distributing firearms into the United States.    Their weapons are widespread and have been the choice of many for practical reasons.  Commercial use by civilians is popular for recreational shooting, competitive shooting, hunting, and personal protection.  SIG Sauer firearms are extremely popular with the law enforcement community, from federal agencies to state and local police authorities.  In addition, SIG Sauer has been a leading supplier of firearms the armed forces of the United States.


SIG Sauer has a wide assortment of firearms and related products to choose from.  They offer over fifteen varieties of pistols which are renowned for their durability, accuracy, and precision manufacturing.  Also available are SIG Sauer’s three basic models of rifles, suitable for all the needs of America’s gun enthusiasts: the Blaser, the Sauer, and the SIG 556.  These rifles are well respected amongst the law enforcement and hunting communities, as well as with other types of shooters.  The company’s Mastershop Series offers handcrafted, customized firearms that can be built to suit the needs of any person or organization.  Finally, SIG Sauer also offers a variety of unique and essential firearm accessories.


One of the more interesting aspects of this weapons distributor is the SIG Sauer Academy.  The Academy is dedicated to providing firearms training and self defense classes with an emphasis on safety, responsibility, and accuracy.  The instructors at the Academy are renowned for their expertise in various weapons tactics, and also have top notch levels of proficiency and effectiveness when it comes to training methods.  The Academy features a state of the art facility set on over one hundred acres with a special twist, it was the first private training site ever to exclusively utilize environmentally responsible ammunition.


SIG Sauer’s innovative technology, attention to detail, and excellent line of products are the wave of the firearms future.  From law enforcement and military to the general civilian population, SIG Sauer is a great choice for a weapon provider.




Sig Sauer - SP2022 - Sig Pro


Sig Sauer - P220


Sig Sauer - P226


Sig Sauer - P226 Combat


Sig Sauer - P229


Sig Sauer - P232


Sig Sauer - P238 Rainbow Titanium Finish


Sig Sauer - P239


Sig Sauer - Mosquito

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Fits Sig/Sauer 229 without rails.
Fits Sig Sauer 239 .357/9mm
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Fits Glock, Sig Saur Pro + P226, Springfield XD
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Fits Sig Saur 238
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