Israel Weapon Industries (I.W.I.) Ltd. is the former Israel Military Industries (IMI) - Small Arms Division, which has been a leading weapon manufacturer for over 60 years and was privatized.

Israel Weapon Industries (I.W.I.) is part of a group of companies specializing in development, manufacturing and marketing a variety of products for the international and national military, law enforcement and other market business fields.

IWI has state of the art technologically advanced weapon systems chosen by the best military units and police forces in the world - from the legendary UZI SMG to IWI's latest addition, the TAVOR Assault Rifle.

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Fits Bul Ultra X
Fits Bul M5 Commander and Government
Fits BUL Cherokee Full Size
Out of stock
Fits Polymer + Steel frame (9mm, 40S&W)
Fits Glock 17/22, 19/23 caliber 9mm/.40, Glock 20/21 caliber .45, Para Ordnance and Bul, and Colt 9mm/.40
Fits Polymer + Steel frame (9mm, 40S&W)
Loads all .22 and .380 caliber rounds and magazines
Fits Polymer + Steel frame (9mm, 40S&W, .45 ACP)
Fits Glock 17
Fits Bul M5
Out of stock
Fits most Handguns
Fits All Roto mag. Pouches & Holsters
Fits pistol Magazines in 9mm/.40"SW/.357" Cal.
Fits 9mm/.40"/.357"/.38" caliber pistols