The Paratrooper Brigade


The Israel Defense Forces Paratrooper Brigade is an elite unit of paratroopers serving under the Infantry Corps since the 1960s.  This voluntary unit has a storied history of classified and secret missions involving special forces type tactics and strategies.  The motto of the Paratroopers Brigade is “Initiate, Lead, Make an Example and Win.”


Since the Paratrooper Brigade is considered to be an elite unit within the Israel Defense Forces, the competition to get in is stiff.  There are rigorous physical tests that must be endured and passed at a satisfactory level.  Often training is conducted in the conditions that are expected, which in Israel and the surrounding area means intense desert heat and extremely arid conditions that make basic survival a trying ordeal.  In addition to the physical requirements, recruits are funneled through a variety of mental tests designed to gauge the mental capabilities and endurance of potential paratroopers.  Those that cannot handle the mental stress of high risk military operations are not fit for the paratroopers.


The Paratroopers Brigade was created when Israel recognized the need for an elite fighting force that could employ commando style tactics for stealth and low profile operations.  The original units were outfitted with the world famous Uzi submachine guns, an assault weapon that is specially designed to be lightweight and mobile for missions that require quickness and speed.  Innovation and improvisation with respect to fighting skills are a priority within the Brigade, including the use of revolutionary training techniques.  The Paratroopers Brigade has also been a major source for the future of Israel in terms of their military officers, authorities, and political leaders.


Some of the Paratroopers Brigade’s most famous wartime actions occurred during the Six Day War in 1967.  They played a major role in capturing the city of Jerusalem, which proved to be a major turning point in the war.  Specifically, the Paratroopers Brigade captured and controlled the Western Wall and the Temple Mount.  These two sites are considered to be very sacred to the Jewish people, and their victory is a major source of honor and pride for Jews everywhere.