GALIL Assault Rifle   By: DoubleTapper

The Galil rifle was invented by Israel Galili, chief weapons designer for IMI (Israeli Military Industries), and Yaacov Lior, the Galil is a somewhat successful attempt at the "best of all possible worlds."

Dissatisfied with the 7.62mm NATO FN FAL with which the Israeli Army was largely equipped, Galili went directly into the field to investigate the problem (see "Weapons Wizard Israel Galili," SOF, March '82). He was told by everyone that the Kalashnikov was the "tiger of the desert."

Taking what he needed from the AK-47, Galili placed his rifle in competition with the M16A1, the Stoner 63, the AK-47, the HK 33 and a design by Uziel Gal. The test's greatest emphasis revolved around performance under arid-region conditions. The Galil Rifle emerged as the clear winner and won the Israeli Defense Award. It was officially adopted by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in 1972.

Galil Israeli Rifle


Cartridge: 5.56x45mm NATO - 7.62x51mm NATO
Action: Gas - operated, rotating bolt
Rate of fire: 630–750 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity: SAR 5.56mm: 900 m/s (2,953 ft/s)
AR, ARM 5.56mm: 950 m/s (3,116.8 ft/s)
SAR 7.62mm: 800 m/s (2,624.7 ft/s)
AR, ARM 7.62mm: 850 m/s (2,788.7 ft/s)
Sniper: 815 m/s (2,673.9 ft/s)
Effective range: 300–500 m sight adjustments
Feed system: 5.56mm: 35, 50-round detachable box magazine
7.62mm: 25-round box magazine
Sights: Flip-up rear aperture with protective ears, flip-up tritium night sights, hooded front post




Galil ARM

Galil ARM


Galil SAR

Galil SAR with wooden Hand Guards


Galil SAR

Galil SAR with stock folded


Galil MAR

Galil MAR (Micro Galil)


Rumbling into the Six Day War of 1967 armed with the FN-FAL, the victorious Israel Defense Force came away from the fray with a great deal more respect for the Arabs' AK-47's. Their adversaries' AK's operated well in the sandy battleground while Israel's FN-FAL proved to be sand sensitive and awkward in a highly mobile environment. The result was a period of study and weapons testing to identify a replacement for the FN-FAL.

Israel's greatest ally and source of foreign aid, the United States, had already adopted the M16 and the 5.56mm cartridge. Attracted to the low impulse 5.56mm cartridge, Israel was still impressed by the reliability of the AK-47 and its gas-piston design. At the conclusion of a series of destructive field tests by the Golani Brigade involving the M16, Stoner 63, HK33, AK-47 and a design by Uziel Gal, the AK-47 was still considered the best of the lot.

Hybrid Design

What emerged was a hybrid design developed by firearms designer, Israel Galil. Galil borrowed freely and blended the best elements of the AK-47, the refined Finish AK, known as the Valmet M62, the M16 and the FN-FAL with some unique ideas of his own. The end product was so successful it was adopted in 1972 and, reportedly, saw action the following year in the Yom Kippur War.


The military Galil was produced by Israel Military Industries (IMI) in a variety of models. There was the Galil ARM with a folding bipod, carrying handle and the FN-style tubular folding stock common to all Galils, a Galil AR (assault rifle) without the bipod or carrying handle, a Galil SAR with a short 15" barrel, a Micro-Galil (MAR) and a heavy-barreled Galil Sniper. Galils were chambered in both 5.56mm NATO and 7.62mm NATO.

IMI exported Galils to a number of South American, African and Asian countries and licensed South Africa to produce the design as models R4 (Galil AR), R5 (Galil SAR) and R6 (Galil MAR). As recently as 2006, Columbia was licensed to manufacture the Galil.


In Israel, the Galil proved to be a short-lived design for general issue and was phased out in favor of the M16 and CAR-15, supplied by the United States in very ample quantities at very low prices.


Specifications of  Variants:


Variants: Weight Length Barrel length
SAR 5.56mm 3.75 kg (8.27 lb) 850 mm (33.5 in) stock extended 5.56mm: 332 mm (13.1 in)
AR 5.56mm 3.95 kg (8.7 lb) 987 mm (38.9 in) stock extended 5.56mm: 460 mm (18.1 in)
ARM 5.56mm 4.35 kg (9.6 lb) 987 mm (38.9 in) stock extended 5.56mm: 460 mm (18.1 in)
SAR 7.62mm 3.85 kg (8.5 lb) 915 mm (36.0 in) stock extended 7.62mm: 535 mm (21.1 in)
AR 7.62mm 3.95 kg (8.7 lb) 1,050 mm (41.3 in) stock extended 7.62mm: 535 mm (21.1 in)
ARM 7.62mm 4.45 kg (9.8 lb) 1,050 mm (41.3 in) stock extended 7.62mm: 535 mm (21.1 in)
Sniper 6.4 kg (14 lb)  1,112 mm (43.8 in) stock extended 508 mm (20.0 in)



New Galil ACE


Galil ACE


The ACE is based upon the reliable mechanism of the GALIL assault rifle. It is perfectly suitable for modern battle field, with enhanced human engineering. The five Picatinny rails allow adding an array of optical devices and accessories. The ACE is easy to use and simple to maintain.


The main features:
Short, lightweight asault rifle
Combat-proven reliable weapon under adverse and extreme conditions
Air-cooled, gas-operated, magazine-fed, shoulder or hip-fired weapon
Automatic and semi-automatic fire mode
Easy for use by a right or left-handed user
Simple maintenance, no tools are required when stripping the weapon
Telescopic stock
Post and aperture adapted for night shooting

 Galil ACE Family