Front-Line Holsters


Life in Israel is lived on the front line. This inescapable reality combined with ongoing operational experience inspired the FRONT LINE series.
Ever since its establishment in 1961, the company has manufactured a premier range of products, continually upgraded on the basis of combat experience. Products designed to meet the stringent requirements of the Israeli Police and Defense Forces.
These long years of commitment and experience are expressed in the wide and detailed selection of products manufactured by FRONT LINE, from specialized holsters to magazine holders, concealment pouches and belts.

FRONT LINE's name says it all! We are at the front line, the cutting edge of our industry. Our products were born in action, designed for users living on the FRONT LINE. The equipment and accessories listed in this catalogue have been tested in the harshest conditions in situations where failure could mean loss of life.
We know that when the chips are down, lives depend on the quality of our products!


Selected Products
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Fits Full Size and Compact Bul Cherokee
Fits Steel frame with Rail (9mm, 40S&W)
Fits Steel frame (.45 ACP)
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Fits Sig Saur 226
Fits Beretta 92F